A Step by Step Breakdown of Hotel Housekeeping Duties

Hotel guests will expect their rooms to be neat and clean at the start of each day. Since cleanliness can make or break a hotel business, the hotel housekeeping duties are among the most important in the business. The following duties should be done each day in a room to keep it spic and span.

Preparing the Cart

The first duty for a housekeeper is to be sure she has the proper amount of towels and fresh linens to make up the number of rooms she will be cleaning. The housekeeper should always have extra garbage bags, soaps and other toiletries and water or coffee to replace any items that have been already used by the hotel guests.

Stripping the Room

This task is done when a guest checks out prior to a new guest checking in. All the linens and towels should be removed from the room and laundered. Any garbage and items left behind by guests need to be removed from the room as well. A new room needs to be thoroughly cleaned in order to ensure the new guests will be satisfied with their accommodation.

Taking the Garbage

Most hotel rooms have at least two garbage cans in them one in the bathroom and one in the main room. Each garbage can should be emptied every day and the liner replaced with a new one. Any garbage lying around, such as wrappers, bottles or other trash should be picked up as well to leave the room looking spotless and new.

Making the Beds

The bed linens should be removed and replaced each day, unless otherwise specified by the guests. A hotel housekeeper should follow the specific style of bed making advocated by her hotel. This will be different for each hotel and should be taught to a hotel housekeeper during training. Mattress pads do not need to be replaced every day unless they are dirty or a guest requests it.

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Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom will probably get the most attention of any area in the hotel room. The sink, tub/shower and toilet should all be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day. A good housekeeper should wipe down the walls and countertops with industrial strength cleaner and mop the floor. A clean bathroom is essential to avoid germs and keep the hotel room healthy.

Dusting the Room

All items in the room the television, phone, clock, tables and lampshades should be dusted. Each item should be check to ensure it is properly functioning. Windows and mirrors should be wiped down and cleaned until they are spotless. The room should then be vacuumed to remove any dust or dirt from the carpet and any tile floor surfaces should be wiped down.

Finishing Touches

Spray an air freshener to keep the room smelling fresh and clean. Place new shampoo and soap in the bathroom, as well as restock the coffee and water. Wipe down the coffee pot (if the room has one). Fold the towels and washcloths according to hotel policy and fix the toilet paper so it looks neat.

Hotel housekeeping duties are simple and straightforward. Have a plan and approach each room with that plan. It helps to have a checklist to ensure every duty has been completed.
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