Best Places to Find Hotel Housekeeping Jobs

There are several places a person looking for a hotel housekeeping job can search to find employment. Online, in-person, or both methods should result in finding a job rather quickly, as the hotel industry is growing and hotel housekeeping jobs are in demand.

In Person

Go to the hotel or motel you would like to work for and inquire about any housekeeping positions. The front desk can give you more information and an application, or direct you to the person in charge of housekeeping who can help. This is generally one of the best ways to get an interview for a hotel housekeeping position, as it shows your direct interest in working for the hotel industry.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a website that offers listings for hundreds of hotels looking for housekeepers. Go to their website and type in “Hotel Housekeeping” in the search bar – you will find jobs for all areas of the country. You can narrow your search by city, state, or zip code to look for jobs in your area. Simply Hired pulls job information from multiple sites to make searching for the perfect job simple.

Hospitality Online

This is another site similar to Simply Hired, but tailored to the hotel industry. To get started just type “Housekeeping” in the search bar, choose a location (or leave it blank to see all available jobs) and search for the job of your choice. This site does not have as many job listings since it only pulls from its own resources, but it is still a valuable tool in finding a job in the hotel housekeeping industry.


Indeed is yet another site where it is possible to find hotel housekeeping jobs. This site operates the same way Simply Hired and Hospitality Online do, and pulls jobs from multiple sites to make the job search easier for whomever is looking. One disadvantage to this site is that they tend to have some of the same jobs as Simply Hired, but they also offer many resources of their own.

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Jobspitality makes it easy to find hotel housekeeping jobs in a particular state or city of residence. This website is particular to the hotel and hospitality industry, so they might have many jobs not advertised elsewhere. The site offers easy to use search engines and allows searches by hotel chain as well. This site is a great resource for anyone looking to get into the hotel housekeeping business.


Another way to get a hotel housekeeping job is by referral from a friend or person you know who works in the industry. Many hotels are always looking for people to hire and a referral from a friend saves the hotel some time and gives the person a head start in the interviewing process. Talk to a friend or acquaintance that works in the hotel business and ask her to refer you for a job if you are interested in being a hotel housekeeper.

Finding a job in the hotel housekeeping business should be rather simple, considering the abundance of hotels and the amount of expansion hotels are expected to do in the years to come. If a person has a good work ethic and is willing to work hard, they will have no problem acquiring one of the available hotel housekeeping jobs.
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