What does Hotel Housekeeping Training Involve?

Each housekeeper will need to receive training prior to beginning work in the hotel. Training may be done on-the-job, through classes or both. Training should teach staff about the OSHA standards and other hotel requirements.

Learning the Hotel Layout

Each hotel housekeeper will need to become familiar with the layout of the hotel she is working in. This includes learning where the kitchen and laundry areas are, as well as the layout of the rooms. A tour of the hotel will be given to each employee as part of the hotel housekeeping training; housekeepers may want to keep notes to remember each designated area. A map may be provided in certain larger hotels with multiple cleaning areas.

Conduct and Dress Code

Hotel housekeepers will need to learn the appropriate ways to interact with the guests, as well as be familiar with the hotel to answer any questions a guest may have. A uniform is usually provided to a housekeeper; however, if one is not, she will need to learn the expected dress code. This type of training may be given in a classroom setting or reviewed while the housekeeper is going through on the job training. Most of conduct and dress code training is simply about being respectful and courteous.

Cleaning Techniques

Each hotel will likely have their own policies and procedures on how a room is to be cleaned and disinfected. OSHA training will be provided to help each housekeeper learn about handling hazardous materials. Staff will be instructed on what needs to be cleaned with different chemicals and how items should be handled and wiped down. This type of training is generally hands-on and will be done with a more experienced housekeeper demonstrating the techniques for new staff.

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Lost and Found Procedures

Hotel housekeeping training should include information on what to do if a lost item is recovered in a guest’s room or if a guest leaves any personal items behind. Most hotels have a lost and found area where the items will be stored until a guest recovers them; for more expensive items, such as jewelry, the hotel staff may contact the guest directly. Housekeeping staff should adhere to the lost and found policies and never attempt to return the item directly unless otherwise instructed.

Inventory Training

Each hotel housekeeper will need to keep an accurate count of the inventory she is using on a daily or weekly basis. Staff will be trained on how much inventory they will need for each room and what to do in the event inventory is damaged, lost or stolen. This includes towels, washcloths, pillows, blankets, hangers and other items that are permanent fixtures in the room, such as irons and blow dryers. Staff will be trained on how to fill out inventory forms and keep checklists for each room.

Hotel housekeeping training may take several days or weeks to complete. Training will ensure that housekeeping staff are familiar with all polices and procedures of the hotel they work for, which means a better working environment.
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